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  • Angelique Smith

The importance of good nutrition for your child

It’s back to school for most kids and their nutrition is just as important as your own. A great idea is to prepare lunchboxes for yourself and your children so that your whole family is fueled properly for the day. Children need to consume a healthy and balanced diet which includes all food groups for them to grow up and become strong and healthy.

Giving your child sufficient healthy and nutritious food is important for various reasons.

  • Food gives them energy 🏃🏽‍♂️

  • Physical growth and optimal brain development 🧠

  • Boosts their immune system

  • Long term future health

  • Prevents obesity and lifestyle diseases later on in life

  • Better learning outcomes

  • Eating healthy foods improves cognitive function and cognitive development

  • They are more likely to adopt healthy eating habits early on in life

Healthy lunchboxes are so important for your child's development. Set aside an extra couple of minutes each day to pack your child a nutritious lunchbox and plan ahead to ensure that you have all the ingredients. You don't want to have to scrounge around the empty kitchen cupboards or have to stop at the garage to get a few bars and packet of chips because unfortunately those foods will make them very lethargic and aren't nutritious at all.

Happy packing lunchboxes!

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