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Services Offered


One-on-one consultations and meal plans

Personalised meal plans especially designed to achieve your goals.
Your goal, body type, physical activity, food preferences and medical and dietary history are all vital in making a personalised meal plan for you to help you implement sustainable and healthy lifestyle changes.


DNA testing

Personalised dietary advice and eating plans based on your genetic results. DNA testing can help you decrease your chronic disease risks and make optimum lifestyle choices to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


InBody analysis

The InBody device uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure body composition. Regular assessments are extremely useful to give both nutrition and exercise advice for optimum health.


Online Consultations

This service is available for individuals who are not able to visit me at my practice for a physical consultation.

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EatFit for IBS

The EatFit programme is a 16 week programme which explains the diet, offers detailed guidance on how to exclude FODMAP foods and supports clients during the reintroduction phase.


Lunchbox ideas

Healthy lunch boxes are extremely important to ensure that your kids maintain their energy levels throughout the day. Healthy eating should start from a young age to decrease their risk of obesity and lifestyle diseases in the future.

Fresh Produce

Shopping consultations

Learn which food items on the shelves are healthy and which ones are not so healthy. Learn how to read food labels, understand the nutritional information and make a healthy informed decision the next time you do your food shopping.


Exercise Plans

If you are interested in a personalised exercise plan to reach your fitness goals then this is for you.

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