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  • Angelique Smith

Why should we eat five portions of fruits and vegetables per day

The basic answer to this question is to decrease one's risk of developing lifestyle diseases later on in life.

I’m sure most of you know that the number of individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cancer is on the rise due to many lifestyle factors. Unfortunately, due to the way that we live today, these lifestyle diseases are on the rise and many people are suffering.

There are a number of ways that you can decrease your or a loved one’s risk of developing these lifestyle diseases in the future and the simplest one is to try and aim for a minimum of five portions of fruits and vegetables per day. I know this may sound like a lot to you, but if you split It up into two fruits and 3 vegetable portions per day it makes it a lot easier to reach.

Fruits and vegetables are both nutritious and high in fibre, nutrients and antioxidants. Including enough fruits and vegetables and a variety of them, can help lower one’s blood pressure and cholesterol and it also supports a healthy gut microbiome, weight management as well as improves blood sugar management and healthy cell growth.

If you have been diagnosed and are currently on medication for any of these diseases, it's important to remember to follow the advice given to you by your health care provider and to take your medication consistently as recommended.

Even if you are already on medication, making healthy lifestyle changes can help improve your blood values and blood pressure so that eventually you can hopefully take a lower dose of the medication or wean off the medication. This is only recommended if your health care provider suggests it based on your clinical data and they will ensure that regular clinical assessments and blood tests are done.

If you are currently living with these lifestyle diseases or are someone who is ready to make a change and start making healthier lifestyle choices, then book an appointment with me today to start your journey to living a healthier life and preventing these terrible diseases.

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