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  • Angelique Smith

Back To School Lunchboxes

It's back to school again, which means it's time to pack your child a healthy and nutritious lunchbox.

It's easy to buy packaged ready made meals, sandwiches or snacks from the shops but these can be loaded with sugar and salt and extremely expensive. Plan ahead and keep a few items in the house that are easy additions to the lunchbox and that your child will love.

Remember to always make sure that there is variety and all major food groups are included in the lunchbox.

See below for a few nutritious additions to the lunchbox.

- A healthy sandwich

- Pieces of protein on the side (sliced chicken, steak, burger patty, pork sausage, meatballs, cheese sticks, boiled eggs, biltong etc.)

- A fruit

- Vegetable sticks

- Yoghurt

- Mixed nuts or Trail mix

- Date balls

- Homemade bran muffin

- Popcorn

- Roasted chickpeas

- Piece of dried fruit

- Rice cakes

Once in a while add in a small treat like a small chocolate or biscuit.

For more child nutrition advice or lunchbox ideas, book a consultation with me today.


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