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When does a baby usually start solids?

There is no set date that you need to start introducing solids, but usually from about 6 months of age, children should be introduced to solid foods. The child can eat the same type of food as the rest of the family, but it is important to ensure the texture of the food is appropriate for the child’s age. Your child’s Road-to-Health booklet can also help you when deciding what foods or textures to offer your child.

Here are a few tips for when you start your baby on solids:

  • It is not necessary to buy “baby foods” or baby cereals (that are often very expensive). Rather make your child their own food at home and blend it to form a purée.

  • Include dark-green leafy vegetables and orange vegetables and fruits. These are important as they contain very important nutrients.

  • Include eggs, meat and beans. These are great iron sources for your child.

  • If you are able to, then continue to breastfeed for up to two years and beyond

Keep an eye out for my future blogs.

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