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One-on-one consultations and meal plans

Personalised meal plan especially designed to achieve your goals

One-on-one consultations and meal plans

During the first consultation, the dietitian will ask a variety of questions to determine what your nutritional goals are and how to reach them. It will focus on your InBody composition, blood results, dietary and medical history and dietary guidelines.

Personalised meal plan especially designed to achieve your goals.

Your goal, body type, physical activity, food preferences and medical and dietary history are all vital in making a personalised meal plan for you to help you implement sustainable and healthy lifestyle changes. Meal plans have a variety of uses whether it be to help you lose weight, gain weight, manage allergies, intolerances, disease conditions or just for guidance on what a healthy sustainable eating plan will look like.

Dietary advice and personalised meal plans for:

General health and wellness (healthy living, weight management, exercise and sports performance)

Medical conditions (food allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, hormonal disorders, cancer etc)

Pregnancy, supplementation during pregnancy and meal plans to help with issues during pregnancy, such as nausea, vomiting, heartburn and constipation

Infants (breastfeeding, allergies, reflux, poor weight gain, introduction to solids)

Childhood allergies, obesity, malnutrition

Adolescence (obesity)

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