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Located in Johannesburg, Angelique is a registered dietitian and personal trainer who is a firm believer of a holistic approach to client centred care. Angelique believes that having balance in one’s life is the key to living a healthier lifestyle and promoting one’s general health and wellness. She is committed to forming relationships with clients looking for professional dietary advice to live a healthier lifestyle, help with weight management, exercise performance, disease conditions, post-surgical procedures and much more. Angelique’s goal is to improve her clients’ quality of life through a balanced sustainable dietary approach. Please get in touch to learn more and start building a healthier lifestyle.

Health Services

Success is in Reach

On the Scales

One-on-one consultations and meal plans

Personalised dietary advice and meal plan especially designed to achieve your goals.

DNA testing

Personalised dietary advice and eating plans to suit your
genetic results.

InBody analysis

The InBody device uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure body composition.

Angelique Smith


BSc Dietetics (Stellenbosch University), four year honours degree.

Personal Trainer Certificate  (HFPA)

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